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The new Aviation Officer career plan consists of only GSO pilots. The idea is that no one will be able to test before entering RMC. Testing will be conducted approx six months in and open to anyone at RMC who meets the specialist medical requirements. The exact implementation of this is still unknown. Last I heard ADFA were still filling cadetship due to the further extension of their training pipeline. There is still two years of ADFA av cadets yet to come through the college. I have no idea what the recruiting picture looks like at this stage.

There are still a number of pilots in the pipeline both on conversion and awaiting either basic or rotary qualification. I would not bank on the amount of pilots Army will need at any given time especially in this timeframe. At the moment we have the ARH issues & mid life, MRHs soon to start to go to 6AVN, EC at HATS and the Chook acquisition. It's simply too hard to pick.

It takes longer for Army to acquire aircraft at the moment than to train pilots so I wouldn't concern yourself about a war scenario

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