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Originally Posted by bloodandiron View Post
Hi all, I'm a school leaver with PPL looking for a good CPL course that I can put on VET HELP for next year. I've been eyeing out Redcliffe Aeroclub's Diploma of Aviation which can get me RU, MPPC, NVFR and CPL MECIR for $73 614 loaned.

Compared with other RTO's who offer the exact same course (AVI50415) RAC is the only I've found that offer a MECIR, while staying under the max loan amount. It's also close to home and the airport I've done all my ab-initio and private flying from.

After finishing the course I'll have just upwards of 200 hours, possibly some 210 time and a MECIR CPL. My main question, is this a good position to go job hunting up north?
I think you would find, other schools would be able to tailor their CPL diploma course to you as most would assume that you are starting without a PPL. Alot of schools like basair and air gc down the coast offer the MECIR under a seperate diploma which allows students to do the CPL course from scratch and then the MECIR course without busting the $75k course cap and the $100k lifetime cap.
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