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Originally Posted by harrybass3 View Post
I was told by my enlistment coordinator that intake spots have not neen filled. This was then confirmed by flight screening that DP-AF had not finalised the ots intake.
I'd go off that. The only problem is courses are being thinned out next year as staff move down to Sale and get QFI on the PC21 which is why courses are being thinned next year.

Originally Posted by harrybass3 View Post
Its hard because we keep hearing conflicting things.
This is part of the game, and it is going to be a frequent feature of your career, especially whilst in a training environment

Originally Posted by harrybass3 View Post
I would imagine that seeing as the pilot intake on 2019 will be around 165 that 2018 would be generous to RAAF as they say in official documents they need more pilots.
As above, I would not be too hopeful for a large intake next year given the movement to Sale. Once this has completed I imagine it would pick back up. Keep in mind the new screening is going to qualify a larger amount of pers for the job so it will only become more competitive.

Originally Posted by harrybass3 View Post
Ideally, i hope they send offers for OTS soon and then we can just wait for the new OTS.

My mate got an offer for July in June. 4-6 weeks is what i heard in terms of notice period.
Courses are usually booked a while in advance but numbers change which is where you get the late notices from. Notice varies. The best thing to do is keep regular contact with your EC and ensure you ask specific questions about the next course dates, if they have been panelled yet and if the offers are out.
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