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Originally Posted by Hughes500 View Post
How come everyone is bashing Q ?
Yes he is everything everyone has said but and it is a big BUT he along with his father has bought helicopters within reach of people who have a reasonable amount of money instead of the uber wealthy and military types.
If we all pulled together instead of slagging each other off we all might be safer, wealthier and be having more fun. Does it really matter that those who fly big helicopters think themselves as better than those who fly small ones ? Interestingly in my experience those who fly the bigger machines dont have many handling skills when it comes to flying single engine small machine, so perhaps they are not helicopter Gods they think they are. Yes those of us who fly small machines probably dont have a clue how the auto pilot / sas system etc etc work and yes we would get an approach wrong due to the performance of the heavy metal. Again does it really matter to the average Joe, no they are not interested in the 99% sheer boredom and 1% sheer terror of N Sea flying.
Personally i enjoy teaching people as much as i do lifting loads up on a 75 ft line under a 500. We all have our niche so to slag someone off because he has done well and what he wears is really unacceptable. I wear a flying suit and a helmet when teaching in a 300, doesnt bother me if you think I am a prat or whatever. The proof is in the pudding ladies and gentlemen.
Is it not somewhat ironic that in a post talking about all pulling together you do a pretty good job of alienating anyone who flies anything bigger than a Hughes 500?
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