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Aah DeHavilland

Thanks for the Comet memories, I'm not sure that your other recall is quite objective.

The airports on the south coast have all changed enormously since 1977. At EGHH for instance, some of the more significant developments:

- Like at EGHI the old wooden passenger terminal has been replaced
- There is now cat 3 runway lighting and ILS precision approach capability, plus ILS on 08
- The 440m runway extension opened in 1995, giving Hurn a longer runway than Luton, Bristol and Exeter, a big change for Hurn
- At least 4 additional apron stands suitable for B737-800 size aircraft
- Much improved Apron lighting
- New Radar and addition of SSR capability
- At least 6 new hangars, of which 2 wide body capable
- When it comes to traffic, the closure of Tarrant Rushton and the consequent relocation of the Cobham Fleet to Hurn was a milestone
- As has been the replacement of the BAC factory and the odd Tarom B707/An26, with a regular flow of airliners and corporate types using the hangars and engineering capability in the northwest sector.
- As for passenger throughput, since 77 the throughput has actually quadrupled since then.

Is there still much that could be done? Absolutely

Pity about the closure of the college of ATC too.
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