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Originally Posted by A319 View Post
I’m sure EZY and VS have already swept up the most qualified pilots from Monarch and these are the leftovers along with the Libyan first officers currently training. Survival of the fittest...
Incorrect. EZY have taken a lot of TREs. No DECs are starting before April. There is no FO recruitment until September at the earliest. How do I know this? Because I was sat in the old Concorde House talking to the easyJet pilot recruitment team in one of the Monarch drop in sessions they set up. Virgin hired 50, a fair few of them were LHS at Monarch so a lot of FOs kicking around.

The way i see it is that there will be a lot of turnaround in this gig.
Temporary anchor then move to better fields.
Do not blame the driver guys.
Correct. I'd imagine as soon as easyJet do FO assessments the floodgates will open.

All of SAS's christmases have come at once with Monarch going down.
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