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Hurn BOH and Eastleigh SOU are like chalk and cheese -- they cannot be compared nor can either be expanded as to the ways we would like as many of you pontificate above

you cannot extend SOU runways without huge infrastructure changes BUT it has fabulous transport links and is almost an alternate to a LON airport for many in the south who wish to go to near europe.
- but SOU remains UFN a regional and near europe departure point with a shaky main carrier or two there with no possibility of mid or long hauls - also apron stand space is limited too - although approval I gather has been given for more expansion for extra stands? edit is this correct?

as for BOH it has awful transport links and sits out on a narrow country lane with cows in the fields opposite BUT it has a new terminal and a longer runway to enable mid/long haul flights -
again any changes/improvements to links will involve huge road and rail investment which simply is not there.

however BOH teeters from good to bad every other year and the new owners will have to breathe life back in to the airport to gain any visibility -
BOH has done itself no favours over the years with such negative passenger handling and cruel drop off charges which any customer focused owners should have shelved.

things will not change in the near term for either airports and if Flybe and BMI go the same way as Monarch then that leaves SOU open to EZY who then maybe be seen setting up a bigger base there like the SEN model.

just my tuppence but I am local to BOH (no new road, Tubbs) and have seen the comings and goings over the past 25 years or so

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