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Originally Posted by Pali View Post
Let’s say he is born as a boy. Then later in life he struggles with his identity and feels like woman. And he wants to be considered as woman. Now we can tell him per his preference “she”.

So far so good. But I can still imagine if she enters ladies toilet the most of the ladies could object that a person with males genitalia shouldn’t be there at all. And now consider the same situation at a shower room dedicated to ladies. Any woman would strongly object to a person with a dick regardless if he/she entered with a feminine make up and girl’s dress and regardless of perceived identity.

Who is right in this case?
It's not hard.

If your notional boy feels as he grows up that he would rather be a woman, as an adult he can choose to have his male genitalia removed and have hormone treatment that will assist him to appear with many female characteristics.

This will satisfy both of your situations.
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