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Originally Posted by Dynamite1 View Post
But he has turned left from the final proactive track well before that and aligned himself to the low cost carriers parking stands to the left of RW 27: thereafter he has again veered left and at 0455 58 when he is just a bit right of the extended centre line of JUHU 08; he has turned right and aborted simultaneously.
No, I'm afraid you're wrong, or rather you are making a common mistake that people make when they are looking at ADS-B plots on FR24, etc.

The aircraft symbols tell you where the flight was at any given point in time, and can be considered accurate for pretty well any reasonably new aircraft.

The lines, on the other hand, that join the symbols (which are always straight on a FR24 plot) don't necessarily show the exact trajectory of the aircraft in between the known points, particularly where course changes are involved.

Adding the FlightAware plots to the FR24 ones gives a more granular picture of the trajectory:

For clarity, I've coloured the additional plot points from FlightAware in red.

Compare that to the plot on Avherald (based on FR24 alone) and you can see the misleading effect of omitting those intermediate points:

So there seems to be little doubt that a more detailed picture of the trajectory puts the aircraft on the Juju centreline at one point.
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