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The fuel he took was what was legally required to complete the flight under the rules that applied at the time and in accordance with Pelair's fuel policy.
Not quite. The fuel he took was insufficient to cater for depressurisation or engine failure en-route, as required by regulations. It wasn't planned in accordance with current wind charts. The Pelair fuel policy didn't cater for engine out/depress either, though.

The same fuel others had taken before him, including the Chief Pilot.
Originally Posted by Westwind report
Of the operator’s 185 flights to remote aerodromes during the period 1 January 2002 to 17 November 2009:
  • 158 (85 per cent) departed with full fuel (1.80–4.77 hours flight time)
  • 12 (6 per cent) departed with 8,000–8,400 lb (1.85–3.80 hours)
  • 5 (3 per cent) departed with 7,400–7,800 lb (1.80–3.00 hours)
  • 10 (5 per cent) departed with full main tanks or just less than full main tanks (1.80–2.50 hours).


In terms of the fuel on board for different flight times:
  • All 8 flights with a flight time of 4.25 hours or more departed with full fuel.
  • Almost all (29) of the 30 flights with a flight time of 3.75–4.24 hours departed with full fuel. A 3.80-hour freight flight during the day from Darwin to Christmas Island departed with 8,000 lb.
  • All 19 flights with a flight time of 3.25–3.74 hours departed with full fuel.
  • Most (33) of the 38 flights with a flight time of 2.75–3.24 hours departed with full fuel.

It costs fuel to carry fuel,
The fuel in Samoa was half the cost of the fuel at Norfolk. It would have paid to carry on this sector.
Mr Davies analysis showed even if he took full fuel he would more than likely ended up at Norfolk with the same residual fuel as he had.
That's ridiculous.
There is also the likelihood that he would have been descended to a level outside RVSM airspace due to being to heavy to climb, in which case we wouldn't be having the conversation as he would have had to divert to Nadi to take on more fuel.
As a MED1 priority - probably not. As he never mentioned that priority on the radio, however, he appeared to be unaware of this. In any case, if you have to divert, you have to divert - still not a reason not to carry fuel.
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