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Yes and yes

Of course it's a huge element about property and the potential there is massive and already handed to Rigbys Real Estate division - don't assume he won't attempt to grow the air operations too or that they will automatically rangle with Ryanair - they have some experience of handling a relationship with them at Derry so it's not a given a clash of egos will happen - as for new routes and growth don't overlook the obvious - Rigby own an executive jet business - this could provide as many business destinations as you like to the list of destinations - so destination growth ldoesn't mean it needs to be full services but looks nice on a list - what isn't in doubt is the potential is there despite 'the angry men of PPRuNe with a SOU defence on everything - LC - particularly Ryanair and Package Holiday - particularly TUI - like it or not could in one swing inflate the passenger numbers way beyond growth increases in most airports overnight without any further investment in infrastructure at BOH - which at SOU is impossible without hard cash capital investment - it is potential and may always be potential - but possible - as far as access goes - always overstated as an issue , is resolved with a proper 30
Min shuttle bus from CHR and BOH stations - Luton and Bristol Manage well enough - as for roads and more building on land - local politics suggest that said Council could be running itself into deep financial issues if it continues down its local 'brexit' path of refusing to merge with BBC and Poole so would expect money to talk when it has to and a Mega Council bigger than a lot of cities will a want major trophy airport for their new status and a good guess most things will be possible.
If I were Rigby I'd be inviting in Ryan and Tui, buying the drinks and the dinner and promising no change, no pressure, but suggesting if at some point we can look at favourable expansion package to try again...
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