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" Somewhere there must be a list of things that are sacrosanct and things that are fair game. Where can I find this list and what do you need to do to get something put onto it?

There's a website called PPRuNe.....contained therein is a forum called Jet Blast.

All you need to do is post about wonderful the Tory party, or indeed any right wing party is, how every Muslim is, by default, an Islamic terrorist, why anybody who is part of the LBGT community should be shot on sight, why Guardian readers are all ( insert Trot / Marx / Lenin / Commie of choice ) persons born out of wedlock, why the Daily Mail / Express / Sun should be revered for the journalistic standards and why Trade Unions are the scourge of society... to name but a few ( oh, and say nice things about the military ) and your salvation is at hand !

Prophesising the future would also help....
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