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Plovett...not quite right there.

The CDPP dont do investigations. (and I have that in writing)
CAsA decides on a prosecution using whatever reg suits their fancy, "investigates" for the evidence, with a view to gaining a prosecution, ( criminal, strict liability etc) and produces material / evidence 'brief' for the for the CDPP to look at.

If CDPP like what they see and reckon a successful prosecution is the go, they'll run with it.

The cruncher is of course the CDPP, in aviation ignorance, doesnt know whether the material presented by CaSA is the gospel truth or a crock of doggy doo.

Just ask three AWIs, namely Retski Larard and Clark, who with brilliant observational skill and professional acumen, all saw and swore, to something that technically and physically could never occur. Not who you would want to be checking your aircraft !

Once advised as to the truth of the matter, the CDPP bolted, and CAsA's 'easy bash'/ "there are those in Canberra who think they can make this stick" (statement of short career "investigator" Cremerius), went tits up. Charge Struck Out

CAsA have been in denial ever since and CYA 101 to protect the guilty ...and they're still at it.
I've even had a 3 page "thesis" since from the good Doctor from LSD (very appropriate) explaining that outrageous sworn falsehoods are not lies or untruths but just discrepancies in the wording !!
I kid you not.!! It caused great mirth among the legal profession, not surprisingly.

The surviving AWI still in CAsA employ, is still pissed off and continues to get his rocks off writing/or causing to be written on toilet walls, my private mobile no.
That is no joke either. We're working towards a legal outcome.
As Carmody spouts... CAsA has culture of Just Arse.
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