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Yes I am applying for FO. I succeed in April the DLR. I called them every two/ three weeks. And suddenly at the beginning of November they told me there was a slot available on the 22th. So three weeks before the date I knew.

You do your assessment with two assessors. One is your pilot monitoring. Althought he was more an assistant, because he is not even make the rt by it selfs and he is only doing it if you give him the order.

The day started with a briefing. Very relaxt and nice people. You will do the briefing with four people. Two assessors and another applicant. The briefing takes about 1:30 minutes. Thereafter they ask you who wants to start first. I had a late flight back so that makes me automatically second. I rmtook a lunch during the assessment of the other applicant. The other guy failed by the way.

Then it was my turn. They explained me the lay out of the A320. ( take 1 or 2 lessons in a simulator a320. That helps). Then i started to prepare my SID. it was a difficult one with many NDB's on Hamburg. After that some airwork. Remember your pilot monitoiring is doing everything by orders. He answer only atc by himself. Thereafter a ILS, go around and ndb approach. They told me immidiately that i passed and after that we did a loft flight, which was very nice. You cant succeed nor fail for it.As I said now I have to wait for other applicants.
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