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Originally Posted by vapilot2004 View Post
I can tell you current (Tesla) battery manufacturing prices are around $200 per kilowatt hour. Consider the current price of kerosene, and the fact that one gallon is equivalent to around 40 kilowatt hours of energy and the scope of the challenge becomes more apparent.

Consider it takes around 90 megawatts to get a typical 747 in the air, the cost of batteries powering the original jumbo, if we set aside the enormous weight penalty, is quite staggering - $200x90,000 = a very large figure - and that's just to get airborne.
Well, the batteries only need to supply that 90 MW during climb (and climb power is lower than take-off power), so you can drain the batteries with 90 MW in about 10 minutes, requiring a 15.000 kwh battery, which would cost about 3 million dollar at your quoted price. Not that much compared to the list price of a 747.
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