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Originally Posted by jaco0112 View Post
Hello everyone I'll be short and concise. I am Italian and I intend to get a PPL in the States (East Coast possibily) and then staying there further to accumulate flying hours. Afterwards I'll start studying for a theoretical ATPL (perhaps in distance learning), most likely in Europe.

I basically need a good advice on good flying schools in the United States specially in the East Coast, but other locations will also be taken into consideration.

I'm not interested in going for the cheapest one but rather for those with the best quality/price where I would be able to gain flying experience in the best possible conditions (time, weather, good instructors, good airplanes). I am aware the perfect flying school doesn't exist but any suggestion (perhaps after personal experience) will be more than welcome.
Thanks a lot for your cooperation and I apologize in advance if the topic has already been already discussed in other sections. In that case I would ask you to redirect me to the appropriate section perhaps by putting the link please
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