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To think this thread started discussing where old guys knew more than the book!

(Pull your pants up, Butters!)

There is a difference between SWP, "over-pitching" (whatever that is) and VRS. Each of these may be whatever the test-giver wants it to be. Give that answer.
Know what each is and have a plan to deal with eventualities as required to assure your survival when you are actually flying.

VRS? When the airspeed indicator bottoms out and the little orange yarn on the nose of an Astar starts dancing I have to be descending real, real slow. If it twitches or acts like it wants to twitch and that isn't part of my plan- abort and plan a better way in.

SWP? Know you're heavy and plan for a run-on or a fly out, and fly that profile. Or don't do it at all. It's easier to make a couple trips with an intact helo than it is to recover a broken one.

"Over-pitching"? Airplane drivers say "airspeed, altitude and ideas, never run out of one without lots of the others". Lack of NR makes it a moot point.
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