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If you have "run out of power" then its not "with power"!
outstanding logic, no wonder you are struggling with this concept
If you have run out of power, you are at max power so it most certainly is 'with power'.

FH1100 -
If you are at a power limit and the helicopter still keeps going down, then if you have the altitude you better get the hell out of there because something bad is about to happen; it's not going to get better. It doesn't matter at this point whether your vortices are above or below the rotor disk - you're about to crash.
completely agree - it is just about recognising why and not trying to enter auto to get out of VRS when all you need is a few knots of airspeed to get above ETL again.

(Why any self-respecting pilot would continue to pull collective and bleed the rotor rpm down is beyond me. Rotor rpm is life. If you sacrifice it, it's your own damn fault.)
again, completely agree but, just like CFIT, supposedly self-respecting pilots seem to manage it.

Whatever we choose to call the scenarios - prevention is far better than cure in both cases but that is made more difficult if they are rolled in to one broad-brush term.

These are both conditions you or I would recognise instantly and recover appropriately and instinctively - plenty out there who wouldn't.
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