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Originally Posted by mmm345 View Post
It seems for every other job, the path is clearly laid out, but i am seriously confused and stressed. My goal is to be a commercial pilot, yet i totally understand hours in general aviation is essential, yet is not what i wish to conduct my entire life. My biggest worry is that i will still be working in general aviation and just chugging along when im in my late 30s and 40s with no hopes of progression.
By commercial pilot I assume you mean an "airline" pilot - just to clarify, to work in GA as a pilot you will need to hold at least a commercial licence.

If your aim is "I want to be an airline pilot" and every other role is a stepping stone then serving your apprenticeship in GA is a path well trodden.

Others may have different takes on the process but this is mine:

If your target is "the airlines" then if you have the aptitude and attitude and motivation it will usually result in you reaching that target.

You will need to throw yourself into any GA job with passion and responsibility and if you have the aptitude, hunger and perseverance you will make it. It doesn't always follow like A->B->C but requires commitment and perseverance on your part and that will likely eventually get you to an airline job if that is your target (and will build up your store of wisdom and experience as a pilot).

Worth noting that many people who just wanted to be an "airline pilot" and are only doing GA under sufferance to build enough hours to apply, drop out before they get to that point as they don't want to put in the hard yards. Which is potentially a good thing as far as the airlines are concerned - it weeds out people for them.

Perhaps worth stepping back a bit it may be worth thinking about why you want to be a pilot - what is it that draws you to it? If it is a fascination about aviation and a desire to fly then don't discount the potential to carve out a lifetime career in general aviation that can be very personally rewarding and fulfilling. GA is not often well paid and for many not as glamorous from the outside as an "airline" pilot but can be very fulfilling - it depends on what motivates you.

If you are in it for the love of flying - why not try doing some initial training? - inquire about a Trial Instructional Flight with a flying school to see if it is what suits you - most schools do a good rate for a trial instructional flight as an intro.

Like I said - that is my take but I am an opinionated old fart - worth trying to talk to folks who have gone through the UNSW course (or similar) and see where that has taken them.
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