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Originally Posted by happybiker View Post
Oh no, the newspapers will go into meltdown between now and the great day.

As a result, watch out for the burying of bad news!
It gets much worse than just the papers. ( the Mail / Express and Sun's slavering sycophancy excepted that is )

We can now expect not only excessive, and excruciating to listen to, appearances from the Beebs "Royal Correspondent " allied to dragging, or dredging out, take your pick, that well known and well documented on here species known as "Royal Hobsarvahs ".....a nation waits breathlessly for the minutiae of the line of succession to be explained, how she will be formally adapted to protocols and how many times a day she can have a coffee or tea break.

But you get the impression that neither of the happy couple are going to be overly concerned about any of the above however.
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