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"8 years of CAA training"

Surely you jest?

But I'm glad you left the S out of CAsA acronym. About the only "training" the pilot received from CAsA was what a pineapple feels like inserted multiple times in the nether region.

He has had the suspension lifted on his ATPL, it was never cancelled. CAsA cannot fail to issue, if all parameters were met, which they were. But another road block has been erected. An impossibly expensive flight test, which because CAsA FOI's are prevented by their union from doing checks in an aircraft must be conducted in a simulator which happens to reside in the USA. Now lets see, business class for the FOI, 5 star hotel, away from home allowances, cost of the sim with a sim operator, cost of getting the victim there, Zoo class of course. I wouldn't think there would be much change out of fifty grand or so, and the chances are very likely given CAsA's probity in these matters, it would be a chop ride anyway. I could go on about the competence level of the FOI to conduct such a check, but suffice to say its minimal.

Incidentally the aircraft he was hoping to operate has far superior range than the Westwind , is equipped with dual FMS, modern HF with selcal, SAT phone, Plus an inflight Text function via satellite as backup.

The operator has a robust fuel policy, utilises a world leading flight planning, flight following company, available 24/7 via internet, telephone or if push came to shove HF. They will compute multi stage off track PNR's till they come out your K.....

In addition there are qualified people in the operator available 24/7 for advice or assistance.

NONE of these were available to him at his previous company, he was out there on his own.

So I would agree with you, he is a far safer pilot today than he was eight years ago and probably a hell of a lot wiser, but CAsA had nothing to do with that.

Perhaps a salutary warning to every pilot in Australia. You talk to the regulator or the ATSB at your peril, without a lawyer present. The law may say you have to answer, but there's the old Polliwaffle fallback "I don't recall".
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