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Originally Posted by bad bear View Post
I feel sure the terminal will need more than the 90 car parking spaces that show on the above plan if it is to have enough passengers to make it viable, is there a long term car park somewhere? How many spaces do other small airports have ( Teeside?)
It's not the number of parking spaces that's of concern, but the size of the departures lounge. Judging from the plans, you'd be lucky if there's room there for 20 people, standing only, let alone 40 for a full ATR (unless they never expect to get above 50% loads)

Well Stobart like to talk up plans for the airport. I has a witness when a senior staff member was only too delighted to speak of first the runway resurfacing - involving closing it ( after the permanent biz jet goes to Southend for the duration ).
Pax flights still said to start next year . And they claimed EZY are wanting in due to the same freebie deal they gave them at Southend.
What I did find a bit ity was the idea they were ' speaking to another Irish airline '.
Given if I'm right in thinking Are Lingus still have some involvement - it's clearly not them.
But to insinuate FR . I may have posted before about this but it's no fantasy.
Said manager ( not naming ) was senior ' going by the I'd tag and seemed keen.
Maybe just maybe a limited summer only 2 route Charter for EZY eventually .
But not before Stobart can prove they can fill a tiny prop.
Finally . Rail operation ? Is this an office or a rail link too if so to where ?.
Nearest would be former stub of Waverley route south somewhere be Longtown ?.
Easyjet don't do charters, just scheduled ops, I believe.

The original plan many moons ago was for a lengthened runway, and brand new, decent sized terminal. Back then there was talk of attracting Ryanair. Given the right price and incentives, I'm sure they might consider it, but it's highly unlikely.

Even if they wanted to, the proposed terminal is far too small to accommodate an A319/737 worth of passengers.
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