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Originally Posted by SmilingKnifed View Post
JJ, just for background info if you’re unaware, Mondial are retained by Emirates for consulting on the company’s provident fund. Each pilot is eligible for a twice-yearly consultation meeting.

Well, that is good, but employers do not have a fantastic track record in looking out for their employees best interests.

I am not referring to Mondial here, but I have come across situations where the basis of awarding investment advisory/consulting contracts in relation to employee benefits was not the quality of the adviser but the quantity of the kick-back to whoever had the decision power.

Mondial is a regulated entity (the UAE SEC - and that is welcome) but that factor, and the consulting role Mondial has in relation to the company’s provident fund, does not give it a free pass when it comes to scrutinizing the fees and charges that come with its services.

In the long run the single most decisive factor in determining the value of your investments is not the skills of the advisor (most can't beat the market, and it is impossible to know which ones will), nor even market movements (because in the long run these tend to smooth out) but it is the amount of money that is taken out of your investment in fees, charges, commissions etc.
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