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Originally Posted by IsDon View Post
My analysis is what this means in reality is that we will limit the number of ex RAAF pilots in any intake. IE We wonít take 10 RAAFies in a 12 pilot intake one month and then another 10 the next. We are more likely to still take those 20 but only over (say) 5 months rather than two.
I don't think it's that much. Asking around it looks like roughly only one or two ex military guys on a course atm. Most of the new starts seem to be from within the group, other airlines, cadets or GA. I'd guess no more than 10% are ex-RAAF.

Besides if that theory's true and they have to wait a few months to get a start is it that big of a deal? I know about relative seniority but there's thousands of qualified pilots out there who want the job, they'll just have to wait in line like everyone else.

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