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Sorry RAAFies

I spent many years in the RAAF and many in QANTAS. One thing has always happened every time that QANTAS has recruited. The RAAF HR morons finally realise that they haven’t planned for attrition and get caught with their collective pants down. It’s as predictable as night and day. Also predictably they run crying to Qantas and blame them for their predicament and beg them to leave their pilots alone.

Well, it’s happened again.

RAAF (don’t know who) met with Qantas (HOBO and HR) earlier this week. The Chief Pilot confirmed to the new starters this week that Qantas will be a “good corporate citizen in not decimating the RAAF numbers all at once”.

My analysis is what this means in reality is that we will limit the number of ex RAAF pilots in any intake. IE We won’t take 10 RAAFies in a 12 pilot intake one month and then another 10 the next. We are more likely to still take those 20 but only over (say) 5 months rather than two.

Maybe Qantas have agreed to not more than a particular percentage per intake? Who would know. At the end of the day we need pilots and so I expect being a good corporate citizen only goes so far when you’re about to start grounding jets through lack of crew.

One things certain. The RAAF HR morons are even more hopeless than our HR morons.

Qantas HR morons don't realise it takes 2 months to convert a pilot from one type to another, more for a promotional course. Hence the maximum divisors.

The RAAF HR morons can't fathom it takes 18 months, minimum, to train a pilot off the street. Another 3-4 months for conversion. More for a knucklehead. They still think they can take them off the street and have them piloting an F18 overnight. After all that's all it takes it their world. Add to that their insistence in quotas of female candidates while rejecting male candidates purely on sexist policies and is it any wonder they’re in a pickle.

I’d be telling them to get stuffed if I were Qantas HR.
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