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Happy to oblige Cavortingcheetah

I did not make a prejudicial reply, merely a disclaimer protecting my profession. It was in response to your comments 'I get away with it' and 'using NHS equipment'.

Now I dont know the details, and nor do I want to. Nevertheless, these comments could be construed as suggesting that the private sector is not as honest or professional as it is. Hence my response. Valid and appropriate.

By way of background, I have to point out that the private medical sector is in dire straights. The number of insured patients is continuing to fall and most private hospitals only continue by doing NHS work. A recent criminal case has resulted in recommendations that doctors should only practice if employed by a hospital, which may halve the number of doctors and ramp up charges to patients and pilots.

You may ask why it matters; first private medicine is a significant employer. Second it brings in 6-8b in balance of trade and pays significant amounts of tax including VAT as it is VAT exempt. Third and most important a truly monopolistic NHS would likely restrict some drugs and treatment.

My interest in this forum is to help pilots keep flying. Should the private sector fail the big boys like BA and Virgin will look after their pilots via internal OH. The smaller players and the PPLs will not have access to this. The NHS wont do tests for what is a hobby and as a result if you need further tests to keep your medical you may not be able to get them in the UK and be 'medically terminated'.

So please, even if you are joking, dont make comments that suggest private doctors and hospitals are dodgy. It could backfire on you and other pilots.
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