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Originally Posted by Horatio Leafblower View Post

My recollection was that Impulse ran WOL-MEL for 4-5 years and Qlink for at least a couple of years after Impulse pulled out.
That was when there was a robust employment hub called the "steelworks". With contracts and govt subsidies running on high.

Now, instead, the Wollongong Council have $$$$ in their eyes by doing what almost every council does, and thats sell out to rampant over development (you know, $ per square meter in rates; The trickle down economic b.s).

So there is a hope that the "increased population" will travel from the airport on these services; However, depends on how many corrupt out of town developers want to come up and loot the Illawarra? Maybe after that runs slow, there may be a change of heart?
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