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Originally Posted by mccauleyprop View Post
What about a single guy in his mid 40's living like he's a (responsible) 25 year old, with no jet or heavy time, but 3000+ hours TT in light turbo-props?
Is this feasible or am I having a mid-life crises?...lol ..I mean, I could easily stay in Country and get a job flying an EMB-175, in one of Canada's most expensive cities, making crap wages here too.
Commands are forecast to slow considerably next year so donít plan on a quickie.

As a single 40yo youíll survive on a FO wage as long as you donít have kids before you get a command. When you look at the cash here, divide it in half then convert it to your home currency to get an idea of what cost of living is like here. Eg youíll pay CAD$25/kg for grated cheese that may or may not last til the stated expiry due to dodgy shipping.

Lots of people are reducing their commitments to HK so they can resign quickly if the looming cost cutting gets nasty.
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