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Hello all - Couple of B1 licence Questions.

Good evening all.

Firstly thanks to all the guys out there who have posted on PPRuNe over the years, whenever i am searching something related to AME in google i always inevitably end up here!

But i still have some questions and thought it was about time i made an account now i have graduated.

Just a little background information for you - i have recently graduated with a BSC Degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in the UK.

Alongside the degree i completed EASA part 66 Modules (The uni is a 147 Approved organisation) and have completed 8 of the modules at the 75% pass rate so far. (i will complete the remaining in my spare time at a nearby centre whilst working and gaining experience).

I am now working in a Private maintenance organisation which is operating out of a MOD/RAF airfield. It deals with a real variety of aircraft from light piper aircraft to military jets.

I have my CAP 741 B1 logbook and have nearly filled in all of section 2.1 Basic Skills, But would like some guidance on section 3.1 Maintenance Experience.

My questions at the moment are

#I know the section should be ordered in ATA chapters but do i need to
include all 92 ATA chapters?
if not which do i need to include and what can i exclude?

#Should i just complete all of the "typical maintenance tasks" listed in the
back (and some additional extras) on aircraft which will fall under my
targeted licence.

#Having read the engineers licensing guidance document from the CAA i now
realise i must apply for the licence but also apply for a specific type rating at
the same time to attain the initial license? (correct?) - therefore shall i aim
to try and complete all the tasks on or two types of aircraft where possible?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, if you have any other information or would advise me to go about it in a different way than i am proposing above i am fully open to that.


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