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As SWBKCB stated it was not meant to be a slur on Cardiff, the comment would have been the same if Bristol, Belfast, Glasgow or Newcastle had been chosen at this time and I what I meant to do was highlight the timing in light of the current political situation Qatar finds itself embroiled in, as bookings have dropped significantly.

I know it has been said time and time again that we don't know what goes on behind closed doors and we haven't got a clue as to yields but a shiny new 788 with only 24 business seats and load factors between 60 and 75% doesn't sound a recipe for success and you would have thought Qatar would have avoided any further forays into the UK regional market at the present time.

Although not directly stated by ATNotts but would any other airline still be operating this route from EDI & BHX (not counting AI or PK) in similar circumstances and looking to expand?

FQTLSteve - Spot on but of course only Cardiff or Bristol would have affected BHX or similarly if Glasgow or Newcastle had been chosen in competition with Edinburgh.

As this is the EDI thread and to get it back on track (my fault if went off) what is the feeling about the Norwegian Transatlantic operation as the September figures seem a bit low despite the fact that the main holiday period was well and truly over. Have I got these load factors correct, as FR24 indicates SWF was daily, PVD 34 rotations and 26 for BDL.

Newburgh (SWF) 7207....average 120....65%
Providence (PVD) 3254...average 96......51%
Windsor Locks (BDL) 2837....average 109...59%
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