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Originally Posted by Airmann View Post
I've been considering applying for Emirates recently. But someone has advised me that beyond the issues at the airline the lifestyle in Dubai tends to make people quite stuck up and compete like crazy for status. Is this true.

Also, hows the atmosphere between colleagues in the flight deck I was in an immigration line a while ago with some Emirates Pilots in front of us. Neither one of them would acknowledge us pilots from another airline after we greeted them. No reply. Is this common? It was two captains and an FO. The FO nodded but looked scared. Made me a bit worried
hello Airmann,

I'd say your experience with these Emirates pilots has been rather strange.
very often we talk to other airlines pilots when we get the chance.
those three guys might have been a training/checking party with some issues.
or just tension.
applying for Emirates... think about it, but base your decision on some more solid information.
and Dubai is a lot of different places according to who you ask your questions to.
I personally hate it.
my wife loves it.
Go figure!


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