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Originally Posted by Monarch Man View Post
Ive always found the Spanish speakers to be a bit of a tribe.
That's because we speak English, not British

Seriously, I've been an expat for over a decade and the place I was treated the worst was... my very own country. I was an outsider to my own people only because my flying has been done mostly out of Spain. No reference, no friends, no recommendations, so I didn't deserve even a handshake. You don't need to be an expat or be in the ME to experience the "best" of human behaviour. It just pops out wherever is money and power (management, in this case), or a chance for egos to grow up.

What Airmann has described is carbon copy of where I am now, somewhere around SEA. Ever since I stopped hanging around pilots my BP has gone down points, I sleep better and I see my present and my future with optimism.

There is a life out of Aviation, just grab it.
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