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Originally Posted by Airmann View Post
Thanks for that advice. But at the stage in my career that I'm at now speaking to people that way will build up way too many enemies. I find that most people like to use us subalterns as a listening post to vent their frustrations but don't want any advise that could make them look or seem stupid/foolish. Although we could do just that.

One of the big issues I have is that I am an expat but I've grown up in the middle East. I have experienced this environment for the past 25 years but have not participated in the work environment. Having now entered the workplace I am faced with the same old sad story of newly arrived expats venting the same old frustrations I've seen and endured for many a year and have come to terms with. But this doesn't mean a thing as I am supposed to sit and listen quietly while the chap goes on like he's the first ever expat to reach these shores while I nod my head at his unquestionable wisdom and foresight.
Airmann, respectfully I say that you have not experienced “the other side” so you do not have the knowledge or understanding to comment appropriately on this.

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