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Originally Posted by Refuellerman View Post
Youre on the button today sir, not only do irish men and women fly from belfast, british people also fly from belfast, i assume geography isnt a strong point
Strictly tongue in cheek Sir, but your username is very apt in this case.......pouring fuel onto the “Irish/British” debate in that area.
Do I hear the Fifes and Drums in the background ?

GLAinsider......what a rediculous and ill informed post.
I’m sure our wonderful clientele will appreciate the permanent introduction of the 800 into Belfast....however old the a/c.
I’m sure others too will be on the way in the future.

As a pax, the only interior visible differences of being in a “new” airframe is that you might be aware of are the bigger overhead bins and that awful red “tarts boudoir” interior mood lighting.
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