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Just to clarify I'm not at EK. Yes I figured it's just human nature. But it would be nice to work somewhere where there was just one group and that is everyone.

Probably just idealistic thinking. Since the beginning of time humans have have congregated into groups. Either religious, nationalistic, ethnic etc. And then competed with each other for supremacy.

I guess I just believed that Pilots were worldly wise and are enough of these things not to fall into this trap. But I guess it's not the case.

I've been considering applying for Emirates recently. But someone has advised me that beyond the issues at the airline the lifestyle in Dubai tends to make people quite stuck up and compete like crazy for status. Is this true.

Also, hows the atmosphere between colleagues in the flight deck I was in an immigration line a while ago with some Emirates Pilots in front of us. Neither one of them would acknowledge us pilots from another airline after we greeted them. No reply. Is this common? It was two captains and an FO. The FO nodded but looked scared. Made me a bit worried

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