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I don't know if you've been following the recent news, about two farmers who have been sentenced to 14 and 11 years in prison for mock-burying a thief who they caught red-handed, literally, with stolen copper wire. The local media are having the proverbial field day, rejoicing at the defeat of their "oppressors". An op-ed piece here. summarises the opposing point of view:

Listening to the politicians and the media one could be forgiven for thinking this judgement and the incarceration of these unfortunates was all the country needed to bury its problems. ‘This type of racism has been going on for far too long and it must be stopped,’ was the country-wide message and everyone chimed in with nary a dissenter. The fact that incidents of white on black violence are extremely rare while the reverse is rampant, did not enter the discussion; it would have spoiled the narrative the world loves to read.
All this in the context of some startling statistics. In a country of roughly 60 million people, less than four million pay tax and almost 90% of them are white. The tax base is shrinking as whites take fright and leave and their children are following in large numbers because they are racially discriminated against in the job-market.
Ironically, north of the Limpopo in Zimbabwe, the economic catastrophe that followed the ethnic cleansing of 4,000 white farmers by ‘liberation-war-veterans’ has a recent twist in the tale. Firebrand, ‘war-veteran’ leader Chris Mutsvangwa who played a pivotal and violent role in the purge has called for the return of those he helped force into exile. “We want them (Rhodesians) to be part of the next governance …. this country has been run on a scorched earth policy .. we want it to recover,” he was quoted as saying.
But tragically, it seems no change in attitude or reportage is in sight for South Africa. With the lying ‘mainstream media’ driving the conversation, the moral of the story is, no matter what the collateral damage might be, when all else fails, find a white man; preferably an Afrikaner, and even better, one or two with big beer bellies (Theo Bronkhorst of ‘Cecil the Lion’ infamy was another perfect target) and the pugnacious sheen of the hated ‘Boer’ and clap him in irons, arraign him, humiliate him and then throw him in the dungeons and suddenly, like a national narcotic, all seems swell again.
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