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Flying through LBA on the 23rd to Riga... Hoping it's well into the winter lull by then

It was a shed the first time I flew through, a glorified shed with a shiny duty free shop the second and I'm hoping it's not going to be an overcrowded shed this time.

Back to Jet2, are TCX really getting rid of an A330 based on their expansion? I'd have thought they'd be taking all the A330's they can get right now! In the event that they are, though, I really don't think 2 Air Tanker A330's out of MAN and an ex Air Berlin A330 out of BHX and STN each would be at all out of the question.

If they ever expand the fleet further or buy their own (might get a good deal on a handful of second hand ones, or even end of the line ceo's fresh from Toulouse) then I think 2/3 each at MAN/BHX/STN and 1 at NCL/LBA and W legs into the other bases could be a very realistic proposition

Jet2 must be clapping their hands at BHX/STN, possibly one of the strongest business moves I've ever seen in UK aviation. The strength of their 3 biggest bases (MAN/BHX/STN) could make them realise their long haul ambitions
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