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If RYR management can chat to a reporter and get them to publish their clap-trap, why can't pilots chat to a reporter and get them to publish the pilots' side of the story. Waste of time sitting back and whinging that the truth is being swamped by fake news and not responding. This nonsense from Bloomberg, and shame on them, for reporting that pilots want a rise from €64,000 to €150,000. That s just too sensational for sensible comment and so utterly incompetent & incendiary for them to have printed it without fact checking. The public are being led to believe that their precious 9.99 tickets will soar if the greedy pilots get their way. Come on guys, fight back. It has been the way for decades that pilots' PR has been 2nd division compared to management lobbying. Get the truth out there or forever wallow in the poo.
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