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'It said that Ryanair pilots wishing to discuss or improve their pay or conditions can do so at any time using the established collective bargaining process through individual base ERCs'.

My understanding of the message from RYR to its pilots is as follows:

We won’t meet any union group, because we have a
long established collective bargaining structure at
each base which has been in place for 25 years. You
may recall that the Pilot Unions challenged our Base
ERC structure back in 2007 and failed. The Supreme
Court ruled that the long-established ERC structure
was an acceptable and lawful forum for Ryanair Pilots
to collectively negotiate with the airline.

Where is the negotiation?
Some terms have been placed in front of the ERC which had no input from the ERC's ,nil ,nada ......other than reading them I suppose.

'These agreements can only be changed by
agreement between Ryanair and your base ERC’s.
There is no other mechanism'.

'We will not enter into writing, or meetings,
with competitor airline pilots/unions, or whatever
they call themselves this week (RPG/REPA/EERC??)
whose sole aim is to prevent you from accessing a big
pay increase next month, through the existing ERC

'We also welcome a considerable inflow of pilots
from Monarch, Air Berlin and Alitalia, all of whom
are in bankruptcy, and they will be joining Ryanair on
these significantly higher salaries at your bases from
November onwards'

'If there is no agreement at your base to vary
the existing base agreements, then we will still offer
these improved pay and conditions to all new direct
entry recruits from 1 Nov as we intend to make Ryanair
pilots the best paid B737 operators in the LoCo sector
in Europe'.

'The only way to ensure that your base shares
in this upside – from November – is to support your
ERC’s reaching agreement over the next 3 weeks. If
this doesn’t happen then these pay increases may be
delayed until December, or next year, or not delivered
at all'.

'If Pilots continue to be misled by the false
promises of Unions/REPA/RPG/EERC then you will
delay or miss out on these big pay increases next
month, and you will simply remain on your existing
base agreement until they expire between 2020 and
, the above diatribe is the most severely threatening letter from an employer I have ever read.
It boggles the mind that they can be so blunt , its not even thinly veiled.
No wonder the RYR pilots are trying to bring the company to the table for discussion
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