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The Bird in a Biplane's Strategy has been very clear to me for some time...and she has followed it precisely.

Quoting myself from July...

The ac name change was entirely predictable and explainable. When she fell out with Artemis they would have insisted on the removal of their logo and branding from the kite.

Her plan/strategy is also becoming clear as is the fact that she still has sufficient funds to continue.

I expect a lowish profile solo completion of the journey, with a ton of stills and footage of her on her Jack Jones in said kite.

Then a carefully repackaged/re-edited film (which appears still at the production stage) during which the whole PPRuNe saga will be presented (as opposed to hidden/denied) with us lot as very much the bad guys who went nuts over some mis-managed press releases.

As we all should know by now, we live in a world where fake news rules if you have the fund and means to make it so.

I'd leave it to Karma to have the last word now, except to say some of you are way too trusting!
This is 100% the outcome I expected. You guys are focusing way to much on said Bird in a Biplane (that disgusting and reversed-misogynistic epithet is her own invention by the way) and not enough on her backers, connections and PR team, all of whom will be working to a common goal for their own agendas.

Whatever the personal charms of the lady, she blatantly misrepresented the truth and threatened those who exposed her with legal action. She has never come close to withdrawing those remarks or threats.

In due course, she and her team will win through, her publicity will once again soar, the awards and recognition will come and us on here will all be portrayed as a sorry lot of internet trolls.

Fake news brought us Brexit and Trump; the Bird in a Biplane is small fry in the overall scheme of things.

Let this thread die, get on with your lives, be true to yourself, observe the b/s all around, but don't let it be part of your own life.

Peace and respect to those that have contributed here.
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