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Check out the following for mountain weather and flying:

US FAA AC 00-57 "Visual Clues for Hazardous Winds"

US FAA Mountain Flying 23 minute video (on 1/2 inch VHS!)

Environment Canada Mountain Weather Services Office , Kelowna BC Canada "Aviation Weather Hazards of British Columbia and the Yukon"

There is also an unpublished report "A pilot Experiment to Define Mountain-Induced Aeronautical Hazards in the Colorado Springs Area" This work was done after the 1991 UA B737 crash at Colorado Springs and looks at low altitude (approach airspace) as well as higher elevations.

Similar work is ongoing for the Juneau Alaska area. This may be more like any work in Norway because of topographic similarities.

Also for light aircraft try the AOPA Air Safety Foundation. I believe they have materials and classes on mountain flying.

Good luck and don't become a statistic