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Originally Posted by harry the cod View Post
adolf hucker

I don't think for one minute pixy was blowing his own trumpet, far from it. He was merely highlighting the hard work that he and many others in training put in day after day, night after night to make the experience an acceptable one for all of us that go through the system, a system I might add that generally does a good job overall. It has improved considerably from what it was 10 years ago, both in culture and content.

As for the individual you mention, we know all too well who that is. I had a similar experience during initial training and it wasn't pleasant. He's mellowed over time but truthfully, most airlines wouldn't let him in the right seat, let alone the position he holds as a Captain within training management.

So Harry...here is the elephant in your room. You tell all those on this board that the EK Training Department does a great job......but happily admit that a certain individual who holds a senior position in that department would not be allowed in the RHS at most airlines.

(IMHO...he should not be allowed within 1000 meters of an aircraft at any time..let alone have a senior role in training due to wasta.)

So I have to ask...where is the credibility mate? Everyone knows that a nutcase is in charge of the asylum...but due to Wasta he gets away with it...and you post messages saying how great the training department is...but close to its head is a toxic piece of s...

I'm starting to think Stockholm Syndrome.....
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