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There seems to be some confusion regarding the fundamentals of the EBT concept here.

EBT does not aim to expose the pilots to all possible (low probability) events. It's all about developing competencies and hence resilience, i.e. the capability to return back to a safe state even in unforeseen situations.

Sure enough, certain evidence based events, high threat aerodromes etc. usually find their way to the training program (the higher probability threats).

I would like to believe and assert that so do the points of unsuccessful examinations as well if the evidence starts to build up pointing at weaknesses at system level.

The rare unsuccessful evaluations most often do get re-evaluated and passed already during the 2 day PPCs and generally this (always unpleasant) assessment just means that a weakness in competencies has been identified and some training needs to be provided followed by a usually successful re-evaluation.

Knowledge, by the way, is only one of the nine competencies in our assessment scheme (every now and then the end station in root cause analysis, though).

10 plus years with this Training Department for me and I must say I've never felt that I would not have had the necessary support and maneuver space to provide professional and ethically acceptable training, education and evaluation. Have witnessed a number of Trainers to be returned to line flying after not living up to the ethos during this time.

It is saddening to sense the almost despair amongst some contributors here. Only adds to the challenge in trying to stay on the edge as a professional, at all levels for myself and I'm sure most of my colleagues.
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