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Originally Posted by Chrome View Post
Hi LHRPony,

Taken from the FCTM that I have;
Abnormal Flaps/Slats Configuration
Failure During The Approach
... With A/THR operative, the managed speed target will become the next manoeuvring characteristic speed e.g. S speed when selecting flap lever to 1...
Cheers Chrome,
So we have fcom defining they are retraction speeds, fctm saying they are man speeds.
Genuine question, what manoeuvre margin exists at the f and S? it's defined for VLS,but I haven't come across any definition for manoeuvre margin for f and s.
And not wishing to get into a tit for tat, it does also say if their is a discrepancy between fcom and fctm then fcom takes precedence.
But as always happy to be corrected.
Thanks for your input, always good to rattle these things around and see where we end up.
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