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We've clashed a few times over the years on PPRuNe SASLess, but I've got nothing but respect for what you and your comrades did in Vietnam.

It's a period of history I'm too young to have any knowledge of first hand, but have read a hundred books on the subject - Chickenhawk; 100 feet over hell; Cobra pilot; Naked in Danang; and Low Level Hell to name a few. If anyone hasn't read them, I thoroughly recommend that you do.

Am really enjoying the Vietnam documentary that is the subject of this thread. I take what some veterans here have said about its accuracy, but I guess it just goes to show how people going through the exact same experience can have totally differing and often contrary memories of it.

Your experience of visitng Vietnam after the war is interesting, SASless. One wonders if the veterans of today's wars will ever be able to visit Iraq and Afghanistan as tourists one day and share stories and experiences with former enemies. I somehow doubt it, sadly.

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