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I recently mentioned seeing College Warrant Officer Gibbons at RAFC in 1965. There was no such appointment as CASWO at the time, so the College WO was de facto the senior warrant officer in the RAF.

Cant help feeling that Mr Gibbons, resplendent in immaculate No 1 with sword, which he wore when out and about in the College, cut a more impressive figure than poor Mr Crossley, CASWO will do if forced to wear that shapeless bit of kit.

I always rather liked the army "British Warm" which with its leather buttons and lack of any rank insignia could also be worn in civvies. Some time in the 70s word came out that officers who wished to could have their greatcoats converted to British Warm style, but they had to retain the rank braid on the epaulettes which rather defeated the purpose. I foolishly had mine done, and the result was bloody awful - waste of a good greatcoat!
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