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NH warning letter was not because he was too fair or didn't fail anybody

Originally Posted by Talparc View Post
Pixy: for sure you must be a star but be assured you are a living minority.
There are Trainers like N.C. on AB who is in taining for ages and who passes guys after the Sim but 3h later calls you up that he changed now his mind and decided to fail you.
It's those guys who destroyed training as well.
He is also on the list if training department needs a dirty job to be done ( His Nickname is Hitler )!
Remember the Austrian Instructor NH who got a warning letter from the Training Department because according their opinion he is/was a bad instructor because he didn't fail any trainee within the last 6 month?
Many more stories like this can be mentioned!
Yes the training department is a disgrace and has it's share of responsibility for the present spiral dive of the whole company.
His warning letter was because his file in the company was evident and had other issues
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