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I think in direct law to stay in trim for a fixed Vapp speed is a very valid point. However the new QRH creates an impression that managed speed can be used at Vapp. It only says decelerate to calculated Vapp.
As you correctly noted there are some changes to Landing with slats or flaps jam QRH procedure. Following notes have been deleted:
1. Use of selected speed is recommended.
2. Autopilot may be used down to 500ft AGL.
3. ATHR is recommended except B+G LO PR warning.
However in VLS greater than VFE next case is retained which can be interpreted as ATHR can be used. Below from QRH:
If VLS is greater than VFE NEXT (overweight landing case), the FLAPS lever can be set in the required next position, while the speed is reduced to follow VLS reduction as surfaces extend. The VFE warning threshold should not be triggered. In this case, disconnect the A/THR . A/THR can be re-engaged when the landing configuration is established.

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