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i don't see any wording explicitly prohibiting the use of GS mini in mentioned cases once you're in LDG config given VAPP is amended accordingly in MCDU
Since the QRH recommends use of select speed it takes out the GS mini out of equation. No need to expressly ban GS mini.
Because the autothrust system will not allow the speed to decrease below the manoeuvring speed, if you keep the speed managed.
If you have the flaps stuck at 1+f for example, you'll need flap lever position 2 for landing. (to get the slats extended in position 2) The calculated Vapp will be lower than the manoeuvring speed, so it needs to be selected.
What you are saying is exactly opposite of what happens. S and F speeds come from flap lever position and not actual surface. So with flaps jammed at 1+F if you move the lever to position two the speed will come down to F which will be unsafe because one of the surface hasn't extended and that is why you use select speed. But the question asked is after you have configured to Vapp why can't the rest of the approach be flown in managed speed?
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