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I believe that Welsh nav was also the one present during a met brief within the UK some years ago. The metman coudn't get hold of the Wittering TAF, but was told the crew had one with them....

There is a (potentially) apocryphal story of the same gent, who admitted, on the first leg of a US route, that his wife had packed his bags for him. Cue Loadie ransacking his suitcase and removing all of the shoes within. GT then wore DMS shoes for the entire route, only to have them returned at the start of the last leg (having moaned about his wife's forgetfulness for the entire time).

Happy days.

A similar 'kippering' was 'enjoyed' by a rather youthful Ed P****ing at around the same time....whose suitcase gradually fell to bits as we went round a Belize schedule. Having just bought it for him whilst in Dubai, I felt quite guilty, until I realised that Arthur K*****n had been loosening all of the wheels and eventually the handle on each leg.
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